Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Fours

Happy Friday everyone! I had such a great yet hectic week and I cannot wait for it to continue into Homecoming festivities tonight at our Homecoming Football game and Saturday night for the actual dance. It's going to be one fun-filled weekend and I'll come back with lots to share! 

Now onto my Friday Fours: 

:: one :: 
The cutest little store opened up near me called Paper Source and I finally had a chance to stop in. Let me tell you, it is beyond fabulous. There are an endless amount of calendars, agendas, wrapping paper, stationery and other little goodies; I could spend hours in there! It's really starting to make me rethink this whole school assignment notebook use....

:: two ::
A few days ago The Ropes Maine sent me the sweetest nautical rope bracelets. Oh my goodness, it has been hard not to wear them every single day! I've been wearing the one above a bit more but I know exactly how to style the other more colorful one. (aka expect a post soon ;) Check out the rope bracelets and tell me which one is your favorite!

:: three::
My week has consisted of endless studying for tests, preparing for projects and staying up way later than I should be. One of my tried and true study habits I've been using like crazy is to write things out on a dry erase board. And studying is much more fun with colorful expos to use! 

:: four ::
It's official. Desert boot season is here! **Cue the happy dance** I live in both riding and desert boots throughout the fall and winter so breaking out these babies was pretty exciting. They look fabulous with jeans (blue or white) and I'm guilty of wearing them with my cords for my school uniform. Bottom line: if you don't have em, think about investing!

Knowing me I'll be tweeting and Instagraming up a storm in preparation for Homecoming so don't say I didn't warn you ;) Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Love this! Your Friday fours are as cute as always! I was thinking about buying me a pair of dessert boots soon, they just look so cute on you!

  2. These are such great picks, especially that rope bracelet! Have fun at Homecoming :)


  3. Awesome finds, those boots look really cute on you and I like the rope bracelet as well!

  4. I want to be in that store! That first photo is GORGEOUS-- Wrapping paper??

  5. I think I need to get myself some desert boots this autumn - I think they look really chic! Great post :)

  6. Loving the desert boots!


    P.S.-I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  7. I ADORE all of that pretty wrapping paper! I've never seen chevron wrapping paper and this post makes me want some so badly!
    Also- I love your desert boots! I've been lusting after a pair for quite some time now :)
    Great Friday pics!



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