Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Fours

Woot woot it's Friday! (*Insert Rebecca Black's rather obnoxious song here*) This week has sped along quickly which is fabulous because I have a bunch of fun things planned for the weekend! 

And without further adieu... 

:: one ::
With colder temperatures finally sweeping over the midwest, my school has switched over to our "winter uniform" including the one and only navy blazer. Some people really despise having to carry a blazer with you everywhere but a) it's a blazer and b) it's navy so I really have nothing to complain about ;) I recently purchased some fabulous khaki corduroys from Loft for school and have been pairing it with my striped grosgrain belt more times than I care to admit. I'm seriously obsessed with this combination!

:: two :: 
Now that the stress of homecoming is over, I have fallen into a very unhealthy eating slump. My school lunches have consisted of cheesy pita pizza, way too much mashed potatoes and desserts galore including cake, brownies and oreos. Guys, it's actually kind of embarrassing how unhealthy I have been lately. I'm really wanting to get out of this nasty habit and going back to my nutritious ways because I literally feel so disgusting and slugish! One thing I am going to aim for is to eat an apple every day since they are beyond delicious right now. I mean who knew "an apple a day" could actually apply here?!

:: three ::
Aside from my unhealthy eating, tennis is over which means my physical activity has definitely taken a nose dive. As much stress as it caused me, I really do miss staying after school, chatting with friends and even those extra laps around the track. Sigh. After tennis last year I was super into going to the gym almost every day but I haven't been feeling too motivated this time around... I really need to find some fun ways to get exercise because I'm not taking no for an answer anymore!

:: four ::
Taking notes is seriously one of my favorite parts of school. (Hello pretty highlighters and 5 different colored pens!) Last year I took them on my laptop because it was quicker but I am having a change of heart and have been wanting to write them out this year. I don't really have a system down for taking notes yet and I've been giving it a lot of thought lately, especially this week. There are several thin notebooks floating around my backpack and to avoid losing anything, I am considering investing in a 4 subject notebook and using one subject per class. Do you have a system you recommend? 

It's been one of those weeks... but I'm determined to make the next one even better!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
P.S. My behind the wheel course starts Sunday... Let's hope I can do it without running anyone/thing over!


  1. Great post! And yay! Good luck on driving :)


  2. #tennisprobs Oh my gosh, I completely understand (I played tennis forever) and suffered the yearly "holy crap why am I such a lazy slug syndrome". Actually, I'm suffering (with swimming) right now. I'm supposed to swim today but seriously can't talk myself into at AT ALL.

    BUT TGIF-stay positive!!

    xx, Majda

  3. Everyone is allowed a cheat now and then, plus you're an athlete! I love those pants from Loft, super cute.

  4. loved this post!

    fun fact: the actual saying is spelled: "without further ado" because adieu in french means goodbye. plenty of people mix it up, though!


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