Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3 Classic Leather Bags

one // two // three 
Leather bags are something that are great for all seasons, but especially fall. They look sleek and expensive (whether they were $30 or $300!). I am a faithful tan leather crossbody user but am considering purchasing one of the three above. The scallop one is oh so precious and the backpack is practical but I think the tote would be most useful. In fact, if this one goes on sale, I think I may snag it! You can even get your initials on it... #toogoodtobetrue

Are you loving leather bags?


  1. I have been eying that scallop bag for the longest time! I am still debating to take the plunge though!


  2. That scalloped bag that College Prepster highlighted has still been on my wish list, I'm so mad that I didnt get it when it was on sale because now it's back to full price.

  3. I recently purchased a leather bag from madewell! I wanted the one that you mentioned that you might buy, but I needed my bag to have a zipper (aka my mom made me have a zipper) so that no one could steal anything out of it because i am naive and stuff haha. I love love love that madewell tote bag though!!

  4. That scallop bag has been haunting me... don't know why I haven't just sucked it up and bought it already! So perfect for fall!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

  5. i bought that scallop bag back in february and i love it! perfect size to carry my laptop and ipad and some notebooks.

  6. I'm dying to get that scalloped bag from ASOS!


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