Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tortoise Specs

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I've always wished I needed glasses. As a kid, I was jealous when one by one each of my friends would get them. Sure, they get in your way but doesn't the whole "chic factor" kind of rule that out? I think glasses are such a statement. I absolutely love the look of polished hair, oversized tortoise glasses and a crisp oxford or chambray boy shirt. Just look at those images above to prove it! Ooh ooh and my favorite favorite is a nice navy blazer and big tortoise glasses. Swoon! Wanna hear something funny? My mom was exactly the same as me in college. She wanted tortoise glasses so badly that she bought some and put clear lenses in them. Maybe I'll do the same?! 

Now tell me. Do you have glasses? Do you love em or hate em? 
Let me know below!


  1. I love tortoise specs--such a chic element!


  2. I just came across your blog and adore it! I have glasses and have been considering a tortoise pair for a while now... they are just so chic.

  3. I always wished I could wear glasses too. I actually went to Claire's when I was younger and bought some non prespricption glasses and wore those for a while. lol :P


  4. I wear contacts and occasionally wear my glasses (if I need to). But I have also been wanting a pair of tortoise ones and may try to talk my mom into letting me get some next time I get a check up!



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