Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Quote of the Day

I've been living by this mantra "Let it go" this summer. Throughout my freshman year I would get hung up on a low test grade or a long night with little sleep. Often times, I wouldn't stop thinking about what had gone wrong instead of planning what to do right in the future! It's really important to take a step back, re-evaluate yourself and move forward with a clear mind. Let it go! Don't worry about what you did wrong and determine what you can do to fix it. A rather silly example from this summer is when my brother deleted the episodes of the Hills I had recorded and was super excited to finally watch (ehem thank you so very much Netflix for taking the show off!). I was so angry about it and pouted for the rest of the night. How stupid! What could I have done differently? Let it go and found a new show to watch on tv or Netflix or get started on my summer reading SIGH. We tend to make bigger deals out of the smallest of things when really, everyone should just move on happily ;) I am definitely going to apply this little saying to my quickly approaching sophomore year (in a little more than 20 days, eep!)

I have officially made this my go-to summer motto.
What's yours?


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  2. I love this motto! My summer motto has definitely been work hard and never give up. This motto really helped me through my internship because I would get really stressed out, but I knew I should never give up on myself.


  3. I could not agree more Caroline! I feel that I am guilty of the same thing! Another one of my mottoes is to just be more positive, a lot of the time I am just a little too realistic for my own good;)


  4. perfect post! xx

    Rachle @


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