Monday, July 15, 2013

Ask cYa!

Hey ladies!

As a blogger, it is really important to try out the latest trends, whether it be a popular nail polish color for summer, some new kind of fitness exercise or even a new brand! One thing that is definitely in right now is the vlog, or video blog. Vlogs are a way for followers to get to know the blogger on a more personal level and see what they are really like. (I am also a huge fan of hearing their voices!)

While seeing several bloggers try vlogs, (and trying it on my own....) I kind of want to start some kind of vlog series. So after much brainstorming and deliberation, I have decided to start an Ask cYa vlog series! I absolutely love answering questions and think it would be fun to answer them over a video in case other people have the same question.

Please tweet, email or comment your questions with the hashtag #askcYa and I will get this up and running! Let the questioning begin ;)

As always, please respect my privacy and ask questions that don't relate to my personal life (ex. address, school, etc.). I am happy to answer any questions except ones that could reveal my location or too much information. (See my Disclaimer for more details!)

I can't wait to start answering some of these!
Now think up all of your questions and fire them at me!


  1. Love this idea!I've seen other bloggers do this(think it's a great idea) and I would love to watch yours!


  2. What's number??? hahahaha


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