Monday, July 15, 2013

5 Places for Fashion Photo Shoots

I'm always looking for new and more appealing backdrops for my OOTD fashion photo shoots (I use this term very loosely!). Although I don't live in the middle of a big city or on the Hamptons right near the beach, I'm sure everyone could find a beautiful place they've never thought of to take pictures right near their home. 

Here are some great ideas you may not have thought of: 

One :: The beach

Two :: An Interesting Wall

Three :: A garden or park 

Four :: A sidewalk

Five :: Graffiti 

Do you have any secret, fabulous places to have your photo shoots?
Share in the comments below!!


  1. I love photo shoots done in front of a brick wall. It is so simple but makes a huge impact!

    - Melissa

  2. I love doing photo shoots in front of a fence or by a pool! It let's the outfit show and everything elese--balanced!



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