Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

Hey girlies!

I have been waiting a while to do this post because I was super excited/ short on time last week to post it. I finally had time and so it is one week late. But better late than never!

A few weeks ago Kelly from Thomas Kelly emailed me saying she was going to be in Chicago for a trunk show. It was somewhat last minute but I decided to leave school at 1:45 Friday and drive there with my dad. It was the perfect little trip! Plus, how could I pass up the opportunity to meet Kelly, a pink and navy, workout fanatic like myself?! 

After major traffic and car troubles, we made it there 15 minutes after Kelly told me she was going to leave for the airport. (Note: At one point we were so desperate and close that I literally got out of the car and sprinted to the Equinox she was located at so I wouldn't miss her....haha) The traffic was bumper to bumper, and we may have forgotten it was rush hour. Oops. But Kelly was so sweet and waited for me! 

Isn't she the cutest? I was sure to don my fave pink and navy ;)

She was so sweet and I am so glad I got to meet her! 

My dad and I ended up staying over night and made it into a little trip. 

The next morning we went to Starbucks and had breakfast on the roof patio kind of thing they have. The weather was ahmazing.

And who goes to Chicago without shopping? Gap had the best clothes and the store was much bigger than the one nearest to me so I went nuts.

The J.Crew in the Bloomingdales building was huge. So crowded/ intimidating that I didn't buy anything. 

We also went to the top of the John Hancock building. 1000 feet up, yeeep. 

The Kate Spade store was pretty, but nothing really caught my eye enough to buy anything.

How gorgeous is the Ralph Lauren store on Michigan Avenue?

And those flowers.......

I die

The way home was not so great, unfortunately. To make a long story short, my dad's car made it about 100 feet out of the parking garage of the hotel until it broke down.... 3 hours later we were in a tow truck and made our way to the dealer to get a loaner car. I guess it just makes the trip more memorable!

On a happier note, I purchased a few things while there. I was thinking about doing a haul of what I bought in Chicago with the other little things so far this spring. Would you guys be interested in seeing that?

I am so happy I finally got to meet Kelly and look forward to meeting other companies if the opportunity comes along!

Have a great day!


  1. Definitely do a haul! You are making me want to visit Chicago so badly right now, ah. I'm verrrrry interested in those pretty things you picked up from Gap. :)

  2. i definitely want to see a haul!! it looks like you had an amazing trip!!
    xox chloe

    1. It was really fun-- I'll make one soon!

  3. Can't wait to see the haul! I love your style!


  4. So fun!!! We need to go to Chicago this summer together... actually.



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