Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Organize Me: Exam Studying

It's that time of year again! Exam season seems to roll around unexpectedly at the end of every semester. Like it (ha, as if) or not, you have to thoroughly prepare in order to maintain/ raise your grade.

While it may be a very stressful time, I like to break down all the studying to keep myself less anxious. Since we are STILL being pelted with project after test after paper, I use the weekends as my time to really buckle down.

Everyone really studies differently, but I thought I would share with you my method in case you are in need of new ideas.

Here is what I do to prepare for finals:

Find a quiet place.
I study at my desk in my room that I do normal homework at, however sometimes it is a good idea to work at a bigger space like a kitchen table (if no one is banging pots around!) or go to the library. I am thinking about going to the library because I think I would get less distracted and be too lazy to leave, therefore getting more done! Haha ;)

Make a schedule.
Plan out your time so that you aren't cramming the night/ morning before. Trust me, we have all had those experiences....

Break it down.
I don't know about you, but I cannot sit and really focus for more than two hours, max. I recommend studying for one subjet, taking a break, and then coming back and doing a different one. This way, you will get less antsy and not waste time.

When in doubt, write it out.
Having trouble memorizing certain terms? Write them out on scratch paper or a white board.

Flashcards are literally my best friends. I use Quizlet for all of my terms and it lets you play games to help you learn the terms. Also, I write out all of my terms on notecards. Bring these with you at all times and quiz yourself if you have a few spare minutes.

Form a study group.
For my biology class, I organized a little study session at a local library with some of my friends. Make sure they are all in your same class/ have your same teacher otherwise you may not have the same material! Also, don't get distracted! Other than distractions, study groups are a great way to review because often times people think of more stuff to review or come up with better ways to study than you have thought of.

Stay hydrated!
I keep my water next to me while I study and it is a great reminder to take a few seconds to step back, breathe and activate my brain.

Go in to review with your teachers.
Since my teachers encourage students to come review with them, I definitely take advantage and go over concepts with them. (Sometimes they even reveal secrets about the exam!)

Take breaks.
It is really important to take breaks. But don't take a 4 hour break at the mall (as much as I could use some retail therapy) or hang out with a friend. It is best to take a 30-60 minute break that stimulates your brain. Go for a walk or jog, make a study snack (apples and peanut butter anyone?!), paint your nails, watch a TV show, etc. Try to stay away from tempting things like hanging out with a friend because chances are you won't want to leave!

Reward accordingly.
I like to reward myself after a long day of studying with some ice cream or even a movie. Also, every hour or so I have some candy or my personal favorite, fruit by the foot ;) Some things never change!

I hope this helps you!
Any other ideas you have for studying?
Good luck on all of your finals!!


  1. Great post! I remember for my junior cert I did mind maps fro everything! I don't have any exams this year (yay!).

    Good look in your exams!,

  2. These are awesome tips! I definitely think going in to review with a teach is important, because they really do reveal tips/secrets about the exam! great post :)


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