Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hey friends!

I am super duper busy this week because I have 2 away lacrosse games (both an hour or so away) so my posts may be a bit scattered!

Anyway, here's what I've been loving:

I recently purchased this shirt from J.Crew when there was a 25% off sale on the entire store. It was a bit pricey but since its such a staple I thought it would be a good investment. So far I am loving it! I got it a little bigger than usual so its more bulky and relaxed looking.  

The other morning I went to brunch with my dad at the most delicious new cafe near my house. It emphasizes healthy, fresh food and it was to-die-for. I got the wheat-germ french toast (don't be scared! it tasted totally normal) with fruit and powdered sugar. I am definitely going back soon!!

Another thing I FINALLY purchased was this pair of sandals from Target. They are much cuter in person and look great on! I am really happy with the inexpensive price too.

Lastly, you have probably heard way too much about my little health kick. I have been putting a handful of spinach into my morning smoothies (a post to come soon!) and you can't even taste it! It does turn the color a wee bit brown but if you put enough orange juice it is fine. I toss in some carrots to make it super healthy ;)

What have you been loving lately?
Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. I need to go to that restaurant!! It sounds delicious! I have been putting spinach in my smoothies also, you can't taste a difference!

    1. We must go together!
      Oh and throw some carrots in too-- can't taste those either ;)

  2. Iv'e been making smoothies a lot lately too- I actually just made one a few mins. ago! And I have to go to Target and get those adorable sandals!


    1. Aren't smoothies the bomb? You should! I looooove them ;)


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