Friday, April 26, 2013

Look Alikes

Hello hello!

Something you may not know about me is that I am very frugal. Yes, I always pin beyond expensive things but what I actually purchase myself is always some kind of deal. It has really become a kind of hobby. I get emails daily from J.Crew, Gap, Haute Look, etc. and always hit the sale rack first when I walk into a store.

Then one day I ran into the online boutique Swell Caroline. (Ehem, perfect name, no?) While all the pieces aren't totally me, I have definitely found some uber cute pieces. They are all the right price too.

But then, I came across something on Pinterest that blew my mind:
A tortoise watch for only (**drumroll**) $32!! Say what?

I have wanted the Michael Kors one for-everr and I nearly squealed when I saw it.

GAHHH. They look so similar! 

Obviously the quality is probably not as good but it isn't a watch I would wear everyday so I see no problem with it. 

I think I have to get some more babysitting jobs. 
Have you heard of Swell Caroline?


  1. There is also one from Target that looks identical to the Michael Kors one and I think it is cheaper than the Swell Caroline one!

  2. I have actually heard of Swell Caroline!! I looked at their website the other week and I think I'm going to ask for jewelry from there for my birthday this year :)



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