Sunday, November 17, 2019

My Sunday Routine

Now that I am a senior in college, I feel like I've really found the value in a good Sunday routine. There's always been things I like to do on Sundays to feel more prepared for my week, but now I literally look forward to waking up on Sunday morning and getting things done. There's something so satisfying about having all of your ducks in a row for the upcoming week! Below are a few things I make sure to do every Sunday to feel organized and relaxed for Monday morning. 

+ wake up and workout
One of the best ways to start the day in my opinion is to roll out of bed and to get in a good sweat sesh. I've recently become someone who loves to workout in the morning because you get it over with right away and it sets up the rest of your day in a productive way! I never like to do anything too crazy on Sunday mornings but heading to the gym with a friend or two to get in some steps is a great way to get your day started. I've also been going in the sauna for 15 minutes at the end - I've heard that there are great health benefits and so far I love it! 

+ grocery shop and meal prep
I'm weird and kind of don't hate grocery shopping (just me?), so heading to the grocery store is kind of therapeutic to me. I don't always meal prep, but I do like to try to plan out what I'll be eating throughout the week so that I can buy accordingly. It always feels so good to have this taken care of going into the new week.

+ deep clean my room
If my room is a disaster, I always feel like a mess (a bit dramatic, but true!). Sundays are my favorite time to get everything in order (laundry, put things away, etc.) I also looove taking a few anti-bacterial wipes and wiping down my desk, dresser and bedside table. It's insane how much dust accumulates over the week - quickly doing this will instantly give your room a little facelift!

+ light a candle and plug in my salt lamp
Ok I always used to think that those Himalyan salt lamps were kind of odd, but after hearing so many people (including my own roomies) rave about them, I decided to give one a try. I got this one and so far I love it! It was only $12 and it adds the perfect little accent to my dresser. Before bed I'll turn off all the lights and plug this in and it creates the prettiest pink glow.

+ peruse Pinterest
I've recently become more into Pinterest than usual - whether it be for motivational quotes, style inspiration or recipe ideas, Pinterest is my favorite way to find a little inspo for the new week. Follow me if you don't already!

+ plan out my week
Whether it's in my planner or on this notepad (I've used it for years and love it!), something I like to do is write out what I have going on for the week. It really helps me sleep well Sunday night if I know what is coming up in the next few days.

Do you do anything specific on Sundays to prep for the new week?

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