Monday, April 29, 2019

Abroad Photo Diary: Sardinia

Happy Monday! This past weekend my friend Addison and I spontaneously booked a trip to a little island called Sardinia (south of Italy and in between Africa and Spain) because we've been in need of some sunshine. We had absolutely no idea what we were getting into, booked our flights and a hotel and went for it! After a little bit of anxiety when we realized we had no idea where we were even going, we ended up being very pleasantly surprised with gorgeous beaches, cute restaurants and a really nice hotel! The prices were insanely reasonable due to the off season (the island was nearly empty but the weather was still beautiful), so we thought it was a no brainer! It has been so fun taking advantage of exploring new places each weekend and I can hardly believe I only have 20 days left before I fly home to the states. 

We had lots of time to unwind (and being in these robes made it extra cozy!)

The view from our hotel balcony... How is this place so underrated?!

We took advantage of being on the coast and ordered salmon pasta and clam pizza for dinner one night 

 Our favorite little spot to tan since the rooftop pool wasn't quite open yet for the season

I don't have a ton of recommendations since a lot of things were still shut down for the spring, but I do have a few suggestions:

+ Hotel Domu Simius
We stayed at this gorgeous hotel in Cagliari that was really nice for how inexpensive it was (due to the off-season). Although it was a bit of a trek to the beach (we ended up calling a taxi one way since it was nearly 2 miles away), there were tons of cute restaurants and shops nearby.

+ Porto Giunco Beach
After walking along a few different beaches this one was definitely our favorite. The most crowded (in a good way) and surrounded by water on both sides. There were also a ton of flamingos which was so cool to see!

Have you heard of Sardinia or Cagliari before?

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