Monday, March 11, 2019

Abroad Photo Diary: VENICE

Ciao from Florence! I'm back from a short (but beautiful) weekend in Venice and have so many pretty photos to share. We have 4 excursions through my abroad program and this was the second one (and my favorite so far!). I didn't realize before going but you have to take a ferry to get to Venice as well as the other Venetian islands nearby. Aka I'm very glad our school organized it so we didn't have to! It was such a relaxing two days exploring colorful buildings, riding on a gondola and of course eating lots of Italian food. 

One of my favorite snaps from my whole abroad experience so far. 

The most beautiful margherita and clam pizzas from Naranzaria (right on the water in Venice). 

Matching with our gondolier! 

Can you tell I'm obsessed with these bright buildings?!

Things to do: 
+ Gondola Ride
Each Gondola is 80 euros to rent for 30 minutes, so it's ideal to have 6 people (the maximum number) so it's the least expensive per person. I've been wanting to ride in a gondola my entire life so finally being able to on a beautiful sunny day was a dream!!

+ Lunch on the water
The water views with the colorful buildings and boats cruising by is one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen. We found a cute restaurant right along the water and loved enjoying the view while we ate. 

+ Glass Blowing 
On one of the Venetian Islands (Murano!) we visited a glass blowing factory and saw a demonstration on how they create these incredible glass decorations (ornaments, vases, bowls, jewelry, etc.). It was insanely cool to see how fast they pop them in the fire, shape them and let them dry. A really fun experience if you explore beyond Venice! 

Restaurant Recommendations: 
+ Naranzaria 
This was the only restaurant worth recommending in the heart of Venice - it is right on the water and had delicious, fresh pizza. I got the margherita with fresh tomatoes and loved it! 

My favorite thing to do on these weekend trips is to literally just walk around, explore, pop into little shops and try as much food as I can. Even though there weren't a ton of landmarks or activities to do in Venice, I love just having a relaxed time seeing what the cities have to offer. 

Have you been to Venice before? 
It was definitely one of my favorites!


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