Monday, March 4, 2019

Abroad Photo Diary: Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg

3 cities in 3 days and over 25 hours on a bus later... you could say it was a busy weekend! My friend and I went to Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg this weekend not really knowing much about any of the cities, and wow were they beautiful. Never having been to Europe before, I made sure to plan trips to popular places like Paris and London, but it wasn't until recently that I decided to venture out to less talked about destinations like Austria and Hungary. It is so fun seeing these places without knowing much about them because you are always pleasantly surprised with their beauty (Salzburg especially!). From tasting Wiener Schnitzel to swimming in the infamous Budapest baths, we had quite the weekend! 

Such a pretty view of Budapest (even in the rain)

Goulash was actually super delicious! 

Vienna had the prettiest gold architecture around every corner 

Pretzels for days in Salzburg

Took 200+ photos of these stunning pastel buildings because how can you not?!

One of my favorite views of the weekend - the hills are alive ;)

Things to do: 
+ Thermal Baths (Budapest)
If we're being real these were a little dirty but honestly worth it for the experience (and pix of course). It would be so pretty to go at sunset! Be sure to bring your own towel and flip flops. 

+ Fisherman's Bastion (Budapest)
The most gorgeous view of Budapest (and the castle they claim inspired the Disney logo?!). An easy walk right across the river. 

+ Exploring Vienna
We didn't think there were a ton of activities to do in Vienna so walking around and exploring ended up being our favorite part! There are beautiful castles, gardens and government buildings that were really cool to see. 

+ Hohensalzburg Fortress (Salzburg) 
We took this tram up a cliff and thought this castle (and the view!!) were the absolute highlight of Salzburg. So much interesting history and a very pretty photo opp :) 

Food Recommendations:

+ Fisherman's Bastion Cafe (Budapest)
Not sure the name of this restaurant but its at the top of the castle and had the most delicious goulash and rosé!  

+ Wiener Schnitzel
We didn't love the restaurant we got this at, but you must try! Kind of like European chicken nuggets :) 

+ Pastries 
In both Vienna and Salzburg there were amazing pastries like apple strudel and apricot sugar donuts. Highly recommend stopping for breakfast or as a snack during the day! 

Have you been to any of these places before? What were your thoughts?

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