Monday, February 18, 2019

Abroad Photo Diary: ROME

After a long bus ride through Italy, I am back from Rome for the weekend! The program I am studying abroad through has four excursions planned for us and the first one was Rome this past weekend. Although I would usually prefer to travel alone with my friends, it was super nice having tours set up for all of the must-see things in Rome (the Colosseum, the Vatican, Roman Forum, etc.). I got some much needed sunshine and loved exploring a new city in Italy. Plus, seeing the infamous places from the Lizzie McGuire movie didn't hurt either :) 

The sweetest dog I've ever seen!!

Fresh gnocchi with tomato and basil.

There was an Andy Warhol exhibit open when we were there which was incredible!!

 Trying all of the pizza and paninis is a must :)

My favorite view (pink + orange!) from this whole semester so far. 

Things to do (other than all of the historical spots):
+ Bershka
An amazing store that they have in a few different countries in Europe. Similar to H&M, Forever 21 and Zara! You must go if you're in a city with one - I got a pair of jeans, a scarf for my ponytail and a snakeskin belt for 13 euro total!

+ Art Museums
Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock exhibits were open at the Vittoriano museum and were really cool to see! 

Restaurant Recommendations:
+ Osteria de Fortunata 
There was literally a woman making the pasta right in the restaurant (aka the most fresh pasta you will ever have in your life!). This place was super highly recommended from tons of people we know and it did not disappoint! 

+ Tonarello 
Can't go wrong with any of their pasta but I got the pesto and loved it! They had huge portion sizes so go if you're really hungry!

+ Aromaticus
We went to this vegan restaurant on our last day because we needed something lighter after consuming so much pasta and pizza. It was so fresh and delicious if you're in the mood for something super healthy! 



  1. I just posted about our trip to the colosseum last year!! super sad that I didn't remember the lizzie mcguire scenes though!! I would have liked to go to an art museum, sounds like you had a great weekend!

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