Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Ever since my internship this summer, I have been absolutely podcast-obsessed. I've listened to so many different kinds... from murder mysteries to dating horror stories to health and wellness tips, I love the funny, informative and inspirational podcasts out there. These seem to be really #trendy right now and I seriously can't recommend trying them out enough. I plug in my air pods and listen on my way to class, before bed or just when I'm doing mindless work at a coffee shop. Since I've tried out so many and have discussed them all with my friends, I thought it was about time I wrote a post sharing my favorites! 

This is hands down my absolute favorite podcast I've ever listened to. I got all my friends addicted and we would wait around religiously every Wednesday for the new episode to be posted. It's definitely raunchy and unfiltered, but if you love funny dating advice and anything Betches related, then this is a must-listen. Just make sure your ear buds are plugged in all the way :) 

I started listening to Danielle Carolan and Brooke Miccio's podcast right when it came out, and I'm so impressed by the smart, real content they've been posting each week. It's really refreshing hearing about the lives of fellow college girls, and since they're so successful in the Youtube industry, it's so valuable to listen to their insights on topics like productivity.  

If you like hearing about health and wellness (ie. trendy diets, new workouts, etc.), then you'll love this funny podcast (also by Betches). It's really relatable and a nice change of pace from other popular podcasts out there. 

Learning the stories behind successful entrepreneurs always puts me in such a productive mindset, and Second Life is the perfect afternoon pick me up that will do just that. I've listened to episodes interviewing the founder of Ban.do, DryBar, and even Jessica Alba. If you love hearing about successful women, then you'll love Second Life!  

To be honest I've only listened to this one once, but I've heard really great things about The Morning Toast. They talk about a variety of current events and trending topics like Hurricane Florence, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, and Colton (the new Bachelor). I think this is the next one I'm going to start! 

Now I'm curious to know: what Podcasts do you listen to? I need some new ideas! 

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