Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Break Recap

It's crazy that not only is spring break over, but that we only have a few weeks left until summer is here! My sophomore year of college has been one of my favorite years in terms of academics and friendships, and I really don't want it to end. It was nice to have a little break for a week though, and spend some extra time with my friends! 

We left early Friday morning to head to our friend's house in a Chicago suburb, slept over there that night and then took the train to downtown Chicago on Saturday. I go to the city a lot with my family and friends from home, so going with a new group of people is a fun way to do different things! We shopped, had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Luxbar, and hopped on the train home that night. 

Sunday morning, we all headed to the airport where my friend Emily and I headed to Arizona and everyone else went to different parts of Florida. It was the perfect way to get in some relaxation and sun while also having a little time all together too! 

After 5 beautiful days hiking, eating, sunbathing and reading in Arizona, I flew home to surprise my brother for his 18th birthday. Having time with my friends, in the sun and then 3 days at home was seriously the perfect break because I was able to be with a bunch of different people and still relax! 

Whenever your spring break is, I hope you enjoy some time off! 

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  1. Looks like you had a fun spring break, I'm jealous you were able to go somewhere warm!


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