Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How to Avoid Getting Sick During Flu Season

Just like clockwork, flu season is here! Every year around this same time, it seems like one by one people are getting sick, whether it be a cold, strep throat, the flu, etc. Last year around this time was literally the sickest I've ever been in my life, and living in the dorms really didn't help. Surviving that flu season has taught me a ton of ways to avoid getting deathly ill again, and I thought now would be a great time to share them with you!

+ Starbucks Medicine Ball
A girl in my pc works at the Starbucks on campus and she told me about this amazing drink that's two different teas with steamed lemonade instead of water. It's supposed to be good for your throat if you're getting sick and omg was it incredible. I usually am not a tea fan, but the steamed lemonade made it sweet and flavorful! 

+ Drink 2 EmergenC every day
Technically the package says only 1 per day, but I have been drinking 2 EmergenC packets that are specifically for immune support just to be safe. I also mix it in orange juice instead of water because of extra Vitamin C (and because I think it makes it taste much better :). 

+ A light workout
A while ago I was googling tips for fighting a cold, and I saw that a light workout can actually be helpful for your immune system. Obviously don't be sprinting on the treadmill when you're super dizzy and have a fever, but if you just have a slight sore throat or something, a half hour on the elliptical or lifting a few weights could be beneficial. 

+ Get extra sleep
I know it's often impossible for college students to get extra sleep, but try to prioritize catching some more zzz's than usual. Turn off the Netflix earlier or spend less time talking to your friends and head to bed earlier - you'll thank yourself later! 

Wash your hands often 
You hear it allll the time, but it's seriously so important to wash your hands as often as you can. Think of all the public places people go and spread their germs like the library, dining hall, gym, etc. My friends and I have been washing our hands before and after we workout because of all the equipment and germs that are everywhere and so far we haven't gotten sick! 

Any other tips you can think of? 


  1. These are some great tips--- especially washing hands before and after workouts! I'd like to add getting a flu shot. It's not always effective against certain strains, but better than not getting one!

  2. Love these tips! The flu is going around Clemson so this is helpful for avoiding it haha!



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