Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday Fours

In all honesty, I'm shocked I made it through this week! (Well, through Tuesday at least!) Last weekend was homecoming, so we had a ton of events going on all last week through Saturday. It was our first year celebrating homecoming while in Delta Gamma so it was really exciting having themed events to dress up for. However, if we're being honest, it was hard to truly enjoy it all because I knew I had two big exams and a ton of homework the following week. I'm the type of person that needs to go into a busy week with lots of sleep and preparation, so having a ton to do the weekend before definitely made me a little crazy haha. Luckily, I was able to study a lot that weekend and I think I managed to do well on both exams early this week! I'm so glad they're over and can finally breathe because we have a super fun weekend coming up and I know it's going to fly by. 

Tonight, we have our annual barn dance at an actual barn a little bit off campus and I'm so excited to get dressed up in a fun costume for the night! A bunch of my friends and I are taking some guys who are all friends so it should be a really fun night. Expect some pictures up on the blog next week :)

Now that my schedule has calmed down a bit after all my exams, I have really made a strong effort to workout every day and eat a lot healthier. I'm always tempted to stress eat (especially in a sorority house with lots of dessert always accessible!), so it's been a challenge to say the least! But, I've gotten in a good habit of running 3 miles a day, lifting weights and just generally getting in more steps every day. So far, I honestly feel better! It's crazy how a few little changes can totally change your mindset and mood.  

With lots of homework and exams comes the need for caffeine, so lattes (pumpkin spice especially, #duh) have been my go-to. It's insane that I had never even tried coffee until I came to college, and now I drink multiple cups a week! I'm still super picky and only drink really sweet lattes, but they're essential to surviving the week. Have you guys tried the Awake caffeinated chocolate bars? I had one the night before my law exam in addition to a big cup of coffee and I can't tell if it helped or not. I'm curious to hear your thoughts below! 

Another thing I'm working on? Getting better sleep each night. I brought my eye mask back with me after fall break and I think it really does help, especially in the morning when the light is blaring in the window right next to my head. I was having a bit of trouble sleeping through the night because I was really stressed about some of my classes, but recently I've been sleeping like a baby. I live with 3 other girls and I don't even hear them come in or out of the room anymore! 

Some of my favorite finds of the week:

As if barn dance wasn't fall themed enough, my friends and I are going to brunch at the cutest cafe Saturday morning for pumpkin pancakes! I can't wait to enjoy the beautiful weather and time with some of my friends that aren't in my sorority. 

Also - I think I'm going to put together a post with all of my favorite fall purchases so far this season. Would you guys be interested in seeing that? 

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I love all of these pictures and it sounds like you had a fun week! Happy Friday!



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