Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How to Be the Best Intern

After over four weeks, I'd say I'm starting to get the hang of this whole intern thing! I've already learned so much from being a marketing and social media content intern for several large shoe brands and I truly couldn't love it more. The experience is so valuable and I really enjoy getting to talk to so many people both college age and older. With the knowledge I've gained and continue to gain every day, I thought I would put together a guide for being the best intern you can be. Check out my tips below!

+ Accept Your Mistakes and Move On 
As a college student interning for a company, you're bound to make a mistake or two. Interning is a learning experience, and you're not expected to be perfect! You're there to learn the tricks of the trade and the ins and outs of the work world, and sometimes making little mistakes is the best way to gain more experience. Apologize for what you did wrong, be polite and go back to fix where you went wrong.

+ Show Your Dedication
Whether it's getting in a little earlier and staying a little later or asking your boss if there's anything else you could do, show how motivated you are to do your best. Don't forget to always be polite in emails, conversation, etc!

+ Dress For the Job You Want
On the first day of my internship, I wasn't sure what the dress code was like in the office. The company I'm working for is more casual than I expected, but I still aim to look put together and professional every day. You'll really show how much you care by dressing up a little more. As they say, dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

+ Make Conversation with Others
It's easy to just leave for lunch or keep quiet the whole day, but if you have the chance to, really try to get to know the people around the office and what they do. I'm super lucky that I really like the other interns I work with, and we've gotten to know each other pretty well in a short amount of time. Besides other interns, though, I've loved meeting other people in the marketing department and beyond. It's so fun to hear people's experiences and what they get to do every day!

Above all: have fun! Take your work seriously but remember that this could be the start of the rest of your life - have fun with it!
What tips do you have for being a great intern?

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