Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Must-Do's in Nashville

Even though we were only there for a few days, I had such an amazing time in Nashville in the beginning of May. Since my roomie Caroline lives there, it was really fun seeing such an infamous tourist destination from a local's perspective. I seriously can't believe how close she lives to a lot of the popular spots! In no particular order, here are six of my must do's in Nashville, ranging from restaurants to shopping to pretty places to take pictures. 

+ "I Believe in Nashville" Mural 
Right when we booked our trip, I told Caroline getting a picture in front of this mural was 100% necessary. It's located right next to the Draper James store at 12 South with a bunch of other cute stores nearby, so luckily it was right on our way down the street. There were a bunch of other girls taking pictures there too - I guess I wasn't the only tourist that needed a photo! 

+ Draper James Store
Speaking of 12 South, the Draper James store was another major reason I wanted to go to Nashville so badly. Reese Witherspoon is one of my biggest style icons, and after following the brand on social media since they opened a few years ago, I was dying to see the store in real life. Oh my goodness it did not disappoint. The surrounding area is so gorgeous - the building is literally painted blue and white stripes (does it get any better?!). Since Mother's Day was the following weekend, I bought my mom a few little things that she absolutely loved. I brought my camera so I'm going to dedicate a full post to the interior of the store next week - keep your eyes peeled for the post! 

+ Five Daughters Bakery 

Right in the same area as 12 South is the most adorable donut store called Five Daughters Bakery. I hadn't heard of it before but Caroline knew I would love it, and wow was she right. They have the cutest little area to sit outside and eat, and the entire thing is very photogenic (a major plus in my book). I tried the lemon donut as well a chocolate one (I don't remember the exact kind) and I highly recommend both. 

+ Broadway
A more traditional tourist spot, Broadway is a beautiful street downtown full of bars, stores and restaurants right by the river. Whenever you hear people going to honky-tonk bars, this is where they mean! We had so much fun walking down them and exploring little shops and restaurants. I heard a country song I love being played in a bar, so we stopped in and sang along to all of our favorites. It was honestly one of the most fun parts of the trip because it was so authentic to Nashville. 

+ Hattie B's Hot Chicken 
 I told Caroline I wanted the real Southern food experience, so naturally we had biscuits and fried chicken every. single. day. Hattie B's had to be my favorite restaurant (besides a really delicious place we stopped in Louisville) because it had the cutest outdoor seating area and the best food ever. Ugh, I could eat fried food forever! 10/10 recommend the mac and cheese and slaw! 

+ Dress Up Boutique 
Shopping wise, Dress Up Boutique had to be my favorite store we went. We popped in not knowing what to expect and I found way too many pieces I needed wanted. I spent a good amount of my money on apparel at the Kentucky Derby so I didn't have a ton left for shopping in Nashville, but I would have easily spent my life savings at this store if I could have. 

 Have you been to Nashville before? 
What were your must do's?


  1. Nashville is definitely on my list to visit! Thanks for the inspo!
    Be sure to check out my latest post!
    x. kritsida

  2. I'm so glad you had such a fun time in Nashville-you went to so many of my favorite places! Hattie B's was on my list for the last time we were there, but we just didn't make it...but it looks so good, we might have to head back just for that chicken!

    xoxo, SS

  3. Oh my goodness, I really want to visit Nashville! All of the places you visited look so cute!


  4. This post makes me want to visit Nashville.

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