Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Nashville Recommendations??

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I could not be more excited to be heading to Nashville after move out to see where my roomie is from! Nashville is such a popular vacation destination right now (especially for fraternity formals!) and I'm thrilled to be able to visit after hearing so many great things about it. Since Caroline is from there, she knows all the fun and ~trendy~ places to go, but also some more low key local places too. That being said, if you've been before, I'd love to hear your recommendations! I'm dying to hit up all the fun murals, restaurants and of course Draper James. Expect lots of fun Instagrams and photos to come on the blog!



  1. The Pancake Pantry is soooo good! I highly recommend it, but definitely get there early because the line will go out the door. Have fun!

    xx, Julianna


    is the best!

  3. Biscuit Love is soo good! Definitely go to Broadway and 12 South.

  4. While it's difficult to get tickets, the Bluebird Cafe is totally worth it!! The food was so good and the small setting concert was amazing!

  5. I was just in Nashville (only for a day) but loved Draper James! If you're a coffee person, Frothy Monkey or Bongo Coffee is really good.

  6. Oh my gosh, I love Nashville! My husband and I went last year and fell in love with the city! I actually wrote a blog post on my suggestions that I would love for you to check's

    Hope it helps! You're going to have a blast!

    xoxo, SS


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