Monday, January 9, 2017

Outfit: Barbour Collab

Happy Monday! Even though it was really fun, I could not be happier to have a few days off from rush starting tomorrow. Standing outside in the 0 degree weather and sprinting from house to house across campus caused me to get a bad cold, and naturally I just had to lose my voice for the remainder of 16 round yesterday. It'll be nice to start classes, rest up, watch the Bachelor and get back in the swing of things this week before we continue to the next round!

Anyway, Fran and I both sported our favorite jackets while we went shopping downtown right before Christmas and couldn't resist shooting them for you. I've lived in mine all winter, and even more so now that I finally invested in the liner insert over winter break. It's not a super thick coat but now that I have the liner, it's so much warmer. It's a little pricey however if you live somewhere chilly, I definitely suggest it. You can zip it in or take it out if you decide it's warm enough one day which is super convenient! 

I feel like my look has become a lot more sporty and casual in college. I still would consider my style classic and pretty preppy, but I live in Lulu leggings and comfy shoes for walking like my Adidas Gazelles. I don't know what I would do without them! I think they look super cool (still preppy but with a little edge) and perfect for long walks to class. Pair them with a hoodie and throw on a Barbour and you have a great outfit for school. 

As always, click on the links above to see where everything is from!
And be sure to read Fran's post seeing how she styled her jacket right here. 
Have a great week :)


  1. Sporty comfort is the way to go! Love this outfit.

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