Monday, December 5, 2016

Quick Study Break Ideas

I was going to create a fun Gift Guide for you guys today, but I thought I would get a little more personal instead because I know so many people are going into finals week soon. The best week of the year, amirite?! Anyway...

In high school, I absolutely hated exams. I'm not a good test taker and I've always preferred projects and papers to exams or tests - so much so that I would literally rather write a 10 page paper than take an hour exam. I don't like how there's only one correct answer on multiple choice and would much rather take a stance and argue a point than solve a problem a certain way and come up with one answer. I could rant forever about it, but let's get to the point, shall we?! In high school, exams didn't completely make or break your grade. If you needed to, you could work a little harder and usually bounce back fine from a low exam. In college (at my school at least), however, everything revolves around exams. Midterms, finals, random sporadic exams throughout the semester... they're endless. And the best part? In a lot of classes, they count for about 70% of your overall grade. I've had to accept this fact and push myself to study even harder for them. Remembering material doesn't come easy to me, so often times I have to put in a lot more work than the average person when it comes to even the most basic test. Needless to say, my first finals week is pretty intimidating. Not only do I have finals in every class, but I also have projects and papers on top of them. I got a lot done this past weekend, but without taking a few little breaks, I know I would have gone insane. It's proven that chunking out studying in small increments is best, and taking a few brain breaks is crucial too. So, I came up with a list of ideas for some fun and productive ways to take a breather from cranking out work in the library!

Below are a bunch of fun ways ranging from 15 minutes to about an hour. It's so important to refresh your mind after long periods of studying, and all of these ideas are great ways to do so.

How do you take study breaks? 
Good luck to all of the students out there!!


  1. I love organising my agenda when I take a break. It feels productive but in a soothing way.

    - Charmaine

  2. Some other good ones are to spend 10-15 minutes meditating or writing down lists of what you're grateful for! They sound kind of cliche, but both of these things can do wonders for your mental state, especially in the midst of stressful exams.

  3. I have my last exam of my first college term tomorrow. Such a whirlwind but can't wait to be done- and I certainly feel accomplished. Best of luck on your exams :)

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