Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Dorm: My Bed

Happy Wednesday! I'm so happy to finally be back with another "My Dorm" post - this time sharing pictures of my bed at school. To be honest, I have to say that I think I like my bed in my dorm better than my one at home. It has a 3 inch Tempur-pedic mattress pad so it's really thick and squishy, and the duvet insert has cooling gels in it so I don't get too hot when I sleep (this really came in handy during the first few months of school!). Even though it's really bold, I absolutely love my bedding and I always get so excited to curl up in it every night while I fall asleep. 

One of my favorite parts of my bed is this blue and white striped pillow from Annie Selke Fresh American. You can never have too many pillows to curl up with and this one in particular is so nice because it's huuge. It adds the perfect pop of blue to the space, bringing out the pretty color in the bedding. Doesn't it just look like it belongs along the wall of my bed?!
String lights were a must for us so we have one set hanging above my bed and then another above our closets. We love turning off all the lights and then keeping these on while we watch Netflix before going to sleep. 
My white fuzzy boyfriend pillow is another piece I love about my bed. Sometimes I'll use my bed like a couch because we don't have a ton of seating, and people always love using this pillow as a backrest or to lay on on the floor. My roommate and I coincidently even got the same one! 
When it was 90 degrees outside, I made this little stand on top of our microwave so my fan would point at my bed. Not only is it great for cooling down the room but it also works well as a noise canceller (living with 40 boys on your floor tends to get a little loud!). 

Shop all of the products right here:

Stay tuned for another post about my tips for being on the top bunk - I've discovered a lot of must-haves for sleeping up there! 


  1. This is too cute!!


  2. love your little setup! you might have to make room for some sorority pillows/blankets come January :)

    xo, Hannah

  3. I love your dorm room. I also had a million pillows on my bed in college and that has yet to change. Jess at Just Jess

  4. LOVE the bedding! Why did they discontinue it though :/

    Erin // Plaid & Pearls

  5. Adorable! I love looking at people's dorm haha



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