Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lucky U Box Review

Yesterday I got back to my dorm after a long tiring day and saw that I had a delivery notification. Let's be real, there's nothing that brightens up your day then hearing you have a package! I had no idea what it was, but was so thrilled to find out that Lucky U had sent me one of their college care packages. If you're unfamiliar with Lucky U Box, it's a website where you can subscribe for a few months of curated care packages or simply order one box like their adorable Birthday one. They're a tiny bit pricey, but are seriously so worth it considering the delicious things that are included. 

They sent me the cutest October box stocked with both healthy and more indulgent goodies (aka the perfect combination for a college girl that is trying to eat well the majority of the time but likes some real candy here and there!). I loved the pumpkin themed stuff (call me #basic) and was so excited to try out some brands of food I had heard of before, but never got around to testing out. Let me tell you, I will definitely be buying a bunch of these things on my own once they're gone! 

 I now have the best supply of little study snacks built up - and it's even more fun because so much of it is seasonal! 

Have you heard of Lucky U Box before? Definitely check it out if you are in college or have friends that are - it would make the perfect surprise or birthday gift for someone! 


  1. Oh wow! I understand why this little box has a not-so-little price tag now, they send so many things! This would be the perfect gift to send to a friend who is at another university!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  2. There is so much stuff in this box! And it all looks so delicious. It is absolutely perfect for college students. I need to subscribe.



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