Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to Organize Your Agenda (College Edition)

Ever since middle school, I've always been someone who needs an agenda to keep everything I have to do organized. However, now that I'm in college, having an agenda is even more crucial as my schedule changes literally every day because of meetings, events, appointments, etc. I splurged on the Emily Ley planner this year and can't even tell you how glad I am that I did! The layout is so nice because each day is dedicated to an entire page. I don't know about you, but I'm much more motivated to get things done when I have an entire page to plan everything out on. 

Every Monday (or Sunday night if I have enough time) I go through all my syllabi and make a big to do list with everything I need to accomplish for the week. I highlight big projects or exams and make sure I plan enough time to get them done. I love using the "This Week" pad by Knock Knock because I can break down my to do list by the day and then use the back for my general weekly to dos. I keep this list in the front pocket of my planner for easy access. 

Here is a look at my agenda on a Monday. (The left side is Monday and the right side is Tuesday.) I color coded each class using different Le Pens (which I remind myself of on the sticky note on the left page). Although they're a little pricey, Le Pens are one of the only pens I'll use in my agenda because they're so bright and don't bleed through the pages! You can buy a big set of them from Amazon right here. As you can see from the picture, I write in every class, meeting or event I have that day, as well as exams or projects. I highlight exams or big assignments in orange and then events in pink. Having a little time schedule section is so nice and something I didn't realize I needed until I came to college - I can't imagine going through the day without checking this multiple times! Then to the right of that there's the to do list part where I write down everything I need to do. It may seem a little repetitive with my orange "This Week" pad too, but I just really enjoy making lists :) 

I seriously don't know how I would survive without my agenda. 10/10 recommend the Emily Ley one, but I have also heard Kate Spade and Day Designers are great too! 

How do all you college girls out there organize your agendas?


  1. Love her planners! They are great for not only school but also working gals!

  2. I love seeing how you organize your planner! I'm using the day designer which is pretty much the same, and I've been loving it!

    Ashley //

  3. Love this post. I started using a Simplified Planner in March and the daily view is great. It makes me feel guilty if I don't have a busy day and there's all that white space left! I like how you're using the front pocket, too. I may need to start condensing my to-dos in such a fashion.

  4. I loved peeking inside of your planner! I'm using a Lilly Pulitzer one again this year and love it!


  5. I am thinking about getting the Simplified Planner! I currently have the Day Designer. It's OK but I don't use all the lines. Not sure if I'll get it again.

    Floradise blog


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