Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Breakfast & Blogging in Bed

On Monday morning, Sammy, Fran and I slept in pretty late and decided we wanted to whip up something healthy to combat our rather unhealthy choices from the prior four days. After a quick trip to the grocery store, we settled on avocado toast with lemon and giant yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit. Getting dressed up and going out to brunch is always a blast, but being able to wake up and cook in our pajamas with our hair in top knots was even more special. And just look at how healthy and delicious our breakfast was! We lounged around all day in our pajamas until we had to take Sammy to the airport and it was the most perfect way to end our time together. 

In my yogurt parfait, I alternated Faye plain greek yogurt with Kashi cranberry granola and then added raspberries in the middle. Then I topped it with more granola, raspberries and peaches (my favorite fruit at the moment if you couldn't tell!). Usually I can't eat plain yogurt because it tastes sort of bitter to me, but with all of the fruit and granola, it's actually a really delicious combination! In my opinion, the key to the perfect yogurt parfait is the ratio of yogurt to granola to fruit. I like to start with just a little bit of yogurt on the bottom with a good amount of granola on top, and then more yogurt and a little less granola at the top of the glass to even it out when you mix it with your spoon. To make sure the fruit doesn't get squished, just put a little bit in the middle and then a bunch at the top so you can stir it more easily. 

Be sure to check out Fran's blog for the avocado toast recipe and Sammy's blog to see what she put in her delicious parfait! 


  1. Y'all are the cutest and your yogurt parfait sounds so yummy!


  2. You three are literally the cutest!!

    Practically Imperfect

  3. Looking at these pictures is actually making me tear up. I know it's only been like 2 days but I MISS YOU GUYS!



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