Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Fitbit Alta

After an unfortunate mishap with my old Fitbit Flex, I figured it was time I invest in a new Fitbit. Like many people, I absolutely love wearing a Fitbit because it's so fun (and addicting!) to see how many steps I'm walking each day. I looked into a few different ones but it kept coming back to the new Alta, and I'm so happy with the choice I made! 

There are tons of things I love about my new Fitbit Alta. The first is that the slimmer band is much easier to incorporate into my daily stack than the older clunky band. Second, there is a little screen that displays the time, your steps, your distance and how long you've been active. This is so much nicer than having to check the app every time you want to see how far you've walked! It also now doubles as a watch so you don't have to wear one. Third, it buzzes you 10 minutes before every new hour (ie. 9:50, 10:50, etc.) to remind you to get moving. After sitting at my desk blogging or working on a project at work, it's always smart to be notified to get in some extra steps. And fourth, you can have your Alta vibrate when you are getting calls or texts which is super handy if you often have your ringer off like me. 

So far there's honestly nothing I don't like about it and highly recommend you invest in one if you need a little motivation to get moving! They also made a pretty pink leather band that makes it look a bit more like jewelry that's a great incentive to get one :) 
Do you have a Fitbit? 


  1. I've been looking at getting a FitBit, but I hated how clunky and huge the other band seemed to be-this is much more my style!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Love it Caroline! I have been eyeing the light pink Alta for a while and think I'm going to put it on my birthday wishlist for sure :P

  3. I'm absolutely obsessed with my Fitbit! I've had the Flex for about a year and a half now and I'm completely addicted. When it's time for an upgrade, though, I might go for the Alta - it looks a little less bulky.

    Emma //


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