Thursday, June 30, 2016

Links I Love

This quote really hits home for me for some reason...

Not sure how I feel about this flavor combination but they sure are cute!

A friendly reminder why it's so important to use sunscreen.

I think this American Flag whale hat is a must, especially since it's sort of my school colors!

Jess looks SO good in this outfit! How fun is her dress?!

I still can't get over Stephanie's Bachelorette Fiesta.

I had a grilled peach sample at Costco last week and now I'm dying to make my own with this recipe!

This dress caught my eye at Topshop in Chicago and I'm still mad I didn't try it on. 

Sorry for the delayed post today! 
Have a great Thursday! :)


  1. Girl, you have me so distracted right now, haha!
    Alex Good

  2. I love making grilled peach! Sometimes we make grilled pineapple along with it, and it's so yummy! Perfect for summer.

    Emma //


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