Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Fours

This week has been a busy one but so fun nonetheless. My graduation party is tomorrow so I have a million things to do in preparation before 100 people show up at my house! (It's supposed to be 90 degrees and thunderstorms... please send your prayers). Here's what I've been up to these past few days:

Last Sunday was two of my best friends' high school graduation (which was sort of weird since I've been out for 3 weeks!). It was awesome to get to see all of the people I went to elementary and middle school with before we all go our separate ways. Congrats to my besties of 8 and 14 years!! 

I've really been trying to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having as of late. Last night my friend and I went on a long bike ride around 7:00 and it was crazy how gorgeous the sky was. Fran and I shot pictures outside her house near these gorgeous peonies and I was so tempted to snip off some to put in a vase on my desk! 

I've had graduation parties every weekend and I'm very quickly running out of things to wear to them. They all seem to have a casual dress and sandals or wedges sort of "dress code", so I've been getting a ton of wear out of these wedges (30% off right now!) and easy swing dresses from Forever 21 and Old Navy.

My current planner ends in June so I had to bite the bullet and find a new one for my freshman year of college. After much deliberation, I decided to try out the Emily Ley Simplified Planner and I'm so so excited to finally have it! I've heard so much about the Simplified Planner so I'm hoping it lives up to its reputation! There will definitely be a review coming up soon so stay tuned :)

Have a great weekend everyone!
Expect a graduation party recap on Monday (hint: it's citrus themed!)

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  1. That cupcake looks delicious and I would love to see a post on how you organize your new agenda! Happy Friday Caroline!



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