Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Fours

What a fun and relaxing week this has been. After the chaos and excitement of graduation last Sunday, I finally got back into a normal routine and sleep schedule (two things a Type-A planner like myself thrives on). I started my two summer jobs, went on fun adventures with my friends and got lots and lots of sleep (oh, and made progress on my Netflix watching of course). 

I met the cutest puppy named Daisy at senior night for our boys tennis team and I'm so in love. She had the best new puppy smell (you know what I'm talking about?!) and had such a sweet personality. 

How stinkin fun are these IU cookies a family friend gave me for graduation? I'm all about creative graduation presents and this one definitely took the cake (or should I say cookie :).

I've had so much fun with my friends these past few days from going to support our sports teams at school to a delicious dinner and pool party last night to celebrate summer (despite the fact that it was 55 degrees)! I can't wait for more adventures like these this summer! 

I'm so thankful to my family for the most amazing graduation present: a gold monogrammed signet ring! I had been wanting one for as long as I can remember and this one was absolutely perfect. It's vintage and I love that it has a slightly worn in feel rather than a brand new one. It's a piece I'll have forever and I'm so excited to wear it for years to come. 

Today I'm going to lunch with my cousin who is home from college, and will be cheering on our girls lacrosse and soccer teams tonight. Then tomorrow I'm off to Chicago with Fran tomorrow for a meet and greet with Carly! I seriously can't wait - stay tuned on Instagram to follow along on our adventures!
Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Okay, when I saw your post on Instagram with Daisy, my day was made! Goldens are my favorite, so glad you shared that post.

  2. Congrats on graduating! Sounds like you're going to have a fun weekend, I love Chicago! Can't wait to see pics!
    -Angela & Amy

  3. Daisy is adorable and I'm so excited to see your Chicago pictures! I've been wanting to visit Chicago for so long!
    XO Alyson |


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