Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quick Living Room Workout

With exam season upon us, I have been busier these past few weeks than usual. I have also had golf which takes up just as much time as any other sport, but unfortunately doesn't give me the same cardio benefits as, say, playing soccer would! So, if I don't have time to quickly hit up the gym (which is quite often the case), I do a quick living room workout to still shred some calories. It doesn't require any equipment and still makes me break a sweat! As I keep doing it more and more, I've been increasing the reps for each exercise, but if you're just starting I recommend beginning with the amount I have below.

How do you get exercise during busy times like AP exams?
I personally find working out to be a fun break from studying and try to schedule it in as much as possible!


  1. I need to try this as I have definitely been slacking in the workout department...oops!


  2. This definitely has everything a workout needs! It looks good for people who get daunted by too much workout ahead of them! And of course, it always feels great after a workout!


  3. These fit me perfectly (I am 5'3" 110lbs and ordered xs) they are not tight nor loose nor see thru!! YAY! I do Hot Yoga but these stylish workout clothes always keep my cool even though they are not super thin material. It is like magic material it doesn't stick to me nor is it too hot it is just PERFECTION!

  4. The first thing on your list should be to walk more. It is also the easiest place to start. You can increase the amount you walk without even taking time out to walk. Let me explain. Jennifer


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