Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Learning to Unplug + Florida Recap

I'm finally home after two weeks of Spring Break and as sad as I am to trade in the sun for snow, it feels good to be back in the swing of things. Something I tried to be really conscious of throughout my time in Florida was to be on my phone as little as possible, and I'm pretty proud of myself for actually following through with it! So for today's Wellness Wednesday post, I thought I'd talk about learning to rely less on my phone since it's a big part of my year-long goal to find more balance. 

After a really fun but busy trip to California, I was excited to have a relaxing week in Florida. In California, I was constantly on my phone and computer keeping up to date on social media (both for my blog and personal accounts) since I was with Sammy, but as you can imagine, it got pretty tiring to be on those devices all the time. So going into Florida, I decided that I would make a conscious effort to put down my phone as much as possible and enjoy everything around me. Not only did I actually do it, but I was so much happier and less stressed when I wasn't online. Whenever I went outside to the beach or the pool, I left my phone inside was able to fully focus on my time there rather than snapchat friends or check Instagram. I loved being less reliant on my phone (which is hard for any high schooler, let's be real!), and now that I'm back home, I'm really going to try to continue to not go on it as much. You don't realize how much you miss around you when you're living through your phone, and with only a few weeks left before graduation, I'm going to put down my phone as much as possible! 

After I put down my phone, I had such an incredible trip to Florida. My family has been going every year for as long as I can remember, and this is the last official year of us being on the same spring break (since Indiana's week off is different than my brother's next year). With that in mind, I made sure we did all of our favorite things throughout the week like going to brunch at the Over Easy Cafe (best grilled muffins everr), biking around the island and eating dinner at our favorite restaurants. It was such a relaxing trip and I'm so grateful to have been able to spend a week in my favorite place for the last time in a while! 

As much as you think you won't get anything out of it, I challenge you to be more conscious of how much you use your phone. You'd be surprised how much happier you are without it!


  1. I've been starting to unplug on the weekends unintentionally and honestly it's so refreshing! Also my family and I go to sanibel island all the time, its one of my favorite places! Have you been to the island cow? Another great spot for breakfast!
    -Amy & Angela

  2. Looks like you had fun in Florida! My family and I used to go to Sanibel for every spring break up until my brother went to college and we had different breaks! I haven't been in so long, seeing all the pictures makes me nostalgic!



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