Wednesday, April 20, 2016

10-Minute Morning Rituals

Now that my days as a senior are really starting to wind down (7 more days of classes to go!!), I've unfortunately been a lot less motivated to get out of bed every morning. In fact, most days I have hit the snooze button until I'm at the point where I'm rushing out the door and barely make it to school on time. I waste a ton of time on my phone trying to avoid actually getting out of bed, something I bet I'm not alone on! I'm very Type-A about pretty much everything except estimating how much time I need to get ready in order to not be running super late. So, I decided to come up with a few 10 minute morning rituals that get me excited to wake up and help make it easier to do so.

+ Stretch 
Nothing is worse than waking up feeling super cramped from not moving all night. Go through a few different stretching motions like sun salutation to slowly wake up your body. It alleviates pain, can improve your posture, increase blood flow and even make you more energized throughout the day!

+ Power Clean 
For me, I always feel 100x more productive after I do a quick pick up of my bedroom. I can guarantee you'll be happier when you have a clean room to come home to! In the morning, make your bed, put away clothes on the floor and sort through any papers lying on your desk. This way, you'll feel accomplished within the first 10 minutes of your day.

+ Set Goals for the Day
Sometimes I do this at night, but in the morning it's so beneficial to write down a list of goals or tasks you want to accomplish throughout the day. Think of it as a to do list or roadmap for to assure you're productive and have everything planned out.

+ Hydrate
You hear the importance of drinking water all the time, but it's especially important to do right in the morning. Your body gets dehydrated over night while you're asleep so down a giant glass when you hop out of bed. It will help you think more clearly, give you a bit more energy and improve your mood too.

If you have a stressful morning, chances are you're not going to be in a great mood. When you do one of these little rituals in the morning, however, you set a positive and productive tone for the rest of your day! 

Do you have any special routine you do in the morning?
I love writing to do lists and reading TheSkimm on my phone!


  1. Love this! I have been awful at getting out the door on the time in the morning lately, definitely something I need to work on!


  2. I've been trying to perfect my morning routine all semester, and one of the biggest things for me is to make a yummy breakfast! I've started switching it up from whole-grain waffles and peanut butter to a fresh smoothie bowl!
    -Angela & Amy

  3. I need to get better at hydrating when I wake up! It gives me a boost of energy!
    Miss Olivia Says

  4. What? You only have 7 more days of class? Lucky! I am only almost half way done with my last quarter! When is your graduation? Mine is mid June.
    girl C


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