Monday, March 28, 2016

What's In My Carry On Bag

One of my favorite categories of posts to write is organization because a) I am such an organizational freak so it comes really naturally to me and b) these type of posts are super fun to shoot. When it comes to traveling, I'm really picky about what and how I pack, and one aspect in particular is my carry on bag. The worst thing in the world is lugging around a heavy, uncomfortable bag through the airport (especially painful when you have a layover and are running to catch your plane), so I always make sure to keep it as light as possible. I pack all of the essentials that I would need for the flight, but at the same time, make sure it is light enough to the point where it isn't uncomfortable to carry. See what I bring in my carry on bag below!

+ Laptop
I don't need my laptop for all trips, but if I'm going for more than a few days and need to get some work done, it's a must. On the plane, I'll often put together product collages (because they don't require wifi #blessed) or clear up some storage by deleting old photos.

+ Reading Material 
I try to stick to only one thing to read, usually a new book or magazine. This adds a lot of bulk to my bag so I always get a paperback book if possible. I rarely have time to read, so starting a new book on the flight is perfect!

+ Cosmetic Bag
I always bring my favorite "I'm Only Pretending to Be Organized" pouch with me that holds all the essentials from lip balm to mascara to lotion to spare hair ties. This is probably the most important part of my carry on and takes up the least amount of room.

+ Electronics Pouch
Aside from my electronics, I bring along a zippered pouch to store chargers for my laptop and phone. This also holds my portable charger and ear buds. It's convenient to have it all in one spot so I can easily access it!

+ Wallet
For obvious reasons, I always have to have my wallet with my drivers license and debit card in the front so I can grab them quickly.

+ Sunglasses
9 times out of 10 the place I'm going to is much sunnier than Wisconsin, so I always make sure to bring my sunglasses in my carry on tote. I had a bad experience getting my favorite pair of sunnies smashed in my checked suitcase, so needless to say, they now come with me on the plane!

That's really it! I never check my big DSLR camera so in addition to my carry on tote I bring along my small camera bag, which can be kind of a hassle but I like knowing it's safe. Below are a few totes I would recommend to use as carry ons - size and durability are the two most important things I look at. I use the Longchamp Large Le Pilage tote and highly recommend it!

What do you pack in your carry on bag?


  1. I always love seeing what other people pack in their carry-on bags because I have such a hard time accurately packing mine! Love this post!

  2. Love the idea of putting all my electronic goodies in a bag! Mine are usually just mess-makers in my totes!

  3. I loved this post- I have a few airplane trips coming up so this will be so helpful!


  4. I love your little "I'm only pretending to be organized bag!!"
    Miss Olivia Says

  5. I always do the same thing - separating everything into smaller bags by category! It makes it SO much easier when you'r stuck in a small airplane seat trying to find that tiny lip balm or your extra set of headphones!


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  7. I love your "I only pretend to be organized" pouch, and the monogram on your Longchamp is a nice touch!

    XO! Stephanie


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