Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

A lot of people struggle (myself included) with staying healthy on vacation - you worked so hard to maintain these healthy ways in the days leading up to your trip, but then have trouble keeping them in mind once you're actually there. It's so tempting to literally eat your way through your adventures, but you'll most likely feel gross later. I have come up with a few tips for avoiding that groggy, full feeling that I definitely have experienced myself, and they aren't actually that difficult to stick to! Below are my tips for staying healthy on vacation. 

+ Hydrate 
If you're going somewhere warm, hydration is even more important than usual. When you're outside in the sun, be sure to keep water with you and drink it pretty constantly. Traveling is known for dehydrating you, so stock up in your bag, hotel room or car.

+ Load Up on Fruits + Veggies
If you're like me and sometimes it doesn't matter if it's chips or blueberries that you're eating as a snack, then ditch the junk food and swap it for fruit and veggies. Fruit and vegetables fill you up more than super sugary or carb loaded foods do, so you will be more satisfied and less groggy full (we've all been there). It's also fun to explore farmers markets and fresh produce around you - load up on these!

+ Stay active 
Take advantage of beautiful weather and go for a run, bike ride or walk. Rather than driving everywhere, it's also a lot more fun to walk or bike to different places whether it be a restaurant for lunch or some shops to look at. A lot of places offer walking tours of the local area so explore these too! Combine sight-seeing and a low-impact workout and you won't even realize how much exercise you're getting.

+ A Treat a Day
The rule I like (or rather, try ;) to stick to is a "a treat a day". To avoid overindulging in a ton of junk food, I instead look forward to having one dessert or sugary treat a day such as chocolate chip pancakes or an ice cream cone. This way, you're not really restricting yourself and can still enjoy the yummy food around you!

+ Don't Over-Restrict Yourself
At the end of the day, don't stress yourself out about what you're eating or how much exercise you're getting. You're on vacation after all and it's important to relax! Strive to do these things I mentioned above, but don't worry yourself if you didn't sneak in that run you wanted or had two desserts in a day. It's all about moderation!

Do you have any other tips to add?


  1. I always have to remind myself to stay hydrated!! It is so easy to forget to drink water when you're vacationing
    Miss Olivia Says

  2. I always struggle with wanting to treat myself and enjoy my trip, and not wanting to undo all the work I put in at the gym and eating healthy prior to the trip (plus it usually takes me a week of getting organized/catching up on sleep AFTER the trip to start heading to the gym again...such a bad habit!)


  3. Depending on where I'm traveling/staying I've found that purchasing my own food from the market and making my own meals has helped me stay on track. When I do eat out, I try to make sure I'm eating proper portions (something that is near impossible in the US) and that I stay away from foods that I know will aggravate my autoimmune disorder.

    Adventures in Aussieland

  4. I like to keep it simple for breakfast and lunch (as close to what I eat at home as possible), and then let dinner be my splurge. So great when I can get accommodations with at least a fridge so I can eat "in" for the simpler meals.

  5. It's also easy to do a quick 20 minute HIIT workout or use Nike Training Club or other fitness apps. Get your metabolism up and then treat yourself to yummy food and walk tons to explore

    xo Arnette
    Round The World Girl

  6. pretty agree on your opinion of staying hydrated!
    i just finished my vacation in Bali over the past Easter holiday, the humidity and heat there make me super tired, sleepy and thirsty all the time (in daytime), and staying low desire to the foods... staying with coconut and water, also always find a way to stay with sea water or the pool, really helps me a lot!

  7. Great post! Hydration is so important when traveling. Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment that we forget something so simple but incredibly important.

    IG: @stylestudiobykb

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