Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Fours

I say it often, but this week especially: thank god it's Friday! After 3:15 today, I will officially be on Spring Break! This past week has been absolutely crazy from my senior speech in front of the entire Upper School to tests in every class to projects and finishing up my independent Capstone project. I worked super hard to get it all done, and am quite relieved to be off for 2 glorious weeks. There are lots of things to be checked off my to-do list before I leave early next week, but preparing for tips is always so fun for me! (#nerd) Here's a little peek into my week:

Monday was so beautiful despite some major wind, so one of my best friends and I ventured down to the beach and shot some pictures for the blog. Before I head to college I want to take advantage of being so close to Lake Michigan and spend tons of time exploring! See all my outfit details here.

Lately, when I have enough time in the morning, my go-to breakfast has been this nice little spread: half a grapefruit and scrambled eggs with Canadian bacon! It's so delicious and filling, perfect for a late breakfast or if you know you'll be having a later lunch. I seriously can't get enough of eggs - I never ate them much as a kid and I've become slightly addicted so far this year! 


Wednesday I had my senior speech - the long-awaited tradition that every senior must do. We can write about anything we want but have to speak for 3-5 minutes. One of my favorite parts of my school is being able to hear every senior's ideas, stories and passions, and it was absolutely crazy that it was finally time to give mine! As an underclassman, giving a speech seems so far away and I always dreamed (or rather dreaded) about the moment I would have to give mine. Luckily, it surprisingly went super well despite my fear of public speaking and it was so fun to have my brother introduce me. Two of my best friends since kindergarten even came to watch and it meant so much to have them there! 

I'm in desperate need of a good beach read for my vacation and can't seem to find any interesting ones. I want to take advantage of not having any homework over break and actually read something I'm interested in for once! Any recommendations for me? Do share! 

I hope you all have a great weekend!
Comment any books you love down below :)

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  1. Amy Poehler's Yes Please was the perfect light and entertaining book for spring break! I highly recommend it!
    xo, Ashley


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