Monday, February 29, 2016

Milwaukee Art Museum

A few weekends ago, one of my best friends and I adventured to the Milwaukee Art Museum downtown. It's the most gorgeous white building with what are known as the famous "wings" that open and close at different times, and it's right on the lake so there is a beautiful view from inside of the museum. There is perfect lighting everywhere inside (aka a blogger's dream) so I had to share some photos I snapped with my iPhone! I had been wanting to go for several years and was so excited to finally visit again for a high school art event. How gorgeous are the Marilyn Monroe paintings by Andy Warhol?! They were easily my favorite part of the entire museum - Warhol's bright paintings of Marilyn and Jackie O are always so eye catching and I think they would make such a fun addition to a white wall in your home! #Lifegoals amirite? I've never been really into museums or art in general, but lately I have really gained a great appreciation for it!

If you're ever in Milwaukee, I highly recommend visiting the museum! It's one of my favorite parts of the city and is in the most beautiful area. 

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  1. Went here for a great all-you-can-eat buffet and they held nothing back. The food, service and mostly the staff from venues in Atlanta were truly amazing. I was starving and am one of those voracious "sampling" type eaters who has to try everything in a buffet, and I couldn't make it!


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