Thursday, January 28, 2016

What I Bookmark {Collab}

I've noticed that lately I've been reading a lot of the same things, whether they be websites, books or blogs. Everyday I have websites and blogs that I check, and then often reach for a few favorite books in the somewhat rare occasion when I have the time to sit down and read. Today I'm so excited to be doing a collaboration with my blogging buddies Fran, Meg and Macy to share our favorite bookmarks with you!

Technically this is an email subscription service, but The Skimm is the first thing I read every morning right after I wake up and I love how brief yet informative it is. The ladies at the Skimm summarize current events and share the latest news in a funny way that is enjoyable to read. 

Whenever I click on a catchy title of a picture on Pinterest,  9/10 it will always lead to the Glitter Guide, aka your source for all things stylish and fabulous. There are articles for everyone, whether they're about entertaining, fitness, fashion, beauty, interiors, etc. They also just redesigned their site and I'm in love. 

Lauren Conrad will forever be my girl crush. She is so sweet, successful, stylish and basically my overall #lifegoals. She has written a few books (I have most of them, no shame) but this one has to be my favorite because she shares great tips for beauty, health, hair and so many other things. This book is pretty much my go-to beauty bible. 

I received this book for Christmas and have already read it cover to cover. Emily never disappoints with her books and this one is no exception - I'm in the love with the bright photography and awesome tips she gives for entertaining and interiors (even though I won't be decorating my first apartment for a few years). 

I don't read a lot (something I'm trying to change) but the best series I've read in a long time is Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. She has written a ton of great novels however this series is my favorite and the movie version is definitely in my top 5 movie picks - read: lots of New York and Hamptons wanderlust! 

Even though these are probably at an 8th grade reading level, the Summer I Turned Pretty series is one of my favorite quick beach reads. I could literally read it in one sitting and all 3 books are so ah-mazing that I re-read them at least once a year haha. 

Kate is a more recent find of mine and she is seriously the cutest thing ever. You can tell she is such a sweetie (even over the internet!) and I'm always inspired by her chic outfits and funny posts. 

I found this blog over the summer and immediately added it to my daily reads. Laura has such gorgeous, classic style and she is also a fellow Midwest girl so I love seeing her adventures in Chicago since I live less than 2 hours away. 

Mackenzie is probably the blogger I've been following the longest and her posts get cuter and cuter every day. Aside from her blog, she also has a killer online shop that is the perfect destination for preppy gifts. 

I've been reading Caitlin's posts for more than 2 years and have loved watching her blog grow. Her fashion photography is ah-mazing and she always has great product recommendations. 

These aren't all of the blogs I read (that list would be endless), but just a few of my recent favorites!

Be sure to check out my friends Fran, Meg and Macy's posts to see what they read as well!


  1. Hi! Thanks for the list. Just so you know, your Bright and Beautiful link isn't the right URL.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out! It's correct now :)

  2. I love that you read Kate's blog, she is so precious!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  3. Omg, the Summer I Turned Pretty... FAVE books ever. I read them every summer too and it will never get old.


  4. So much fun collaborating with you Carin :-)
    I read the Skimm every morning too!

  5. I loved being able to collab. with you! I love All in Good Taste too, its so cute for placing on my desk.
    -Macy //

  6. What a great round-up! I'm so honored to be included!

    xo, Laura


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