Thursday, January 21, 2016

My 2015 Beauty Favorites

I've never been a huge makeup or beauty guru. I'm always hesitant to try out new products because I have such sensitive skin, and would definitely consider myself the type of girl who sticks with the same makeup and skincare items for months on end. But in 2015, I was more stressed (junior year will do that to you) and therefore my skin tended to break out way more often than I was used to. Combine this with little sleep and a not so healthy diet and you could say I was in need of a few new products to spruce up my beauty routine. I'll always be a minimalistic girl in terms of makeup because I'm a big fan of a natural, fresh-faced look, but I finally found a couple products I really love that still keep this simple idea in mind!

+ Tory Burch perfume
You're probably tired of seeing this by now, but Tory Burch's perfume is seriously my favorite scent on the planet. I've always said that I could be so rich if I bottled up the smell of a clementine (lol), and this is the closest thing I have ever found to that luscious smell. It's only $28 for the rollerball, and it lasts me at least 6 months. (Did I mention I'm on my 5th bottle?) Basically, if you're apprehensive to take the plunge and buy an expensive perfume, the rollerball is the most ideal way to go.

+ Bobbi Brown bronzing powder
2015 was the first year I started wearing actual makeup besides mascara. The most rewarding product I discovered? Bronzer! It all started before prom when I was super sick and needed something to give me a little color. My mom (hi G!) is a diehard Bobbi Brown fan so we swung by their counter at the mall and they recommended their bronzing powder. I can't imagine not wearing it everyday now - it gives you just the right amount of glow for a daily look without being too overpowering. (In case you're curious, I have it in the shade "natural" and recommend it if you tend to get pretty pale in the winter months!)

+ Covergirl flamed out mascara 
Not going to lie, the main reason I picked up this mascara was definitely the pink and orange bottle ;) Buuut, I was in need of a new mascara because my old one didn't give me enough volume or length, and I've seriously fallen in love with this one. I love how thick and noticeable it makes my eyelashes look, not to mention it was such a great price! 10/10 would recommend.

+ Bvlgari Eau Parfumee hand lotion
When I was in LA last spring break, I tried this lotion at my hotel and very quickly became completely enamored by the scent. Not only does it smell like white tea with a hint of citrus (the best combination on the planet), but it doesn't feel greasy or heavy after applying like a lot of lotions. You only need a tiny bit for your hands and you can smell it hours after application. It's pretty pricey but if you're wanting to #treatyoself, I would go for it!

+ Moroccan Argan Oil
I use very few products on my hair besides the obvious shampoo and conditioner, and this one makes such a huge impact on the overall health of my hair. I apply this after getting out of the shower every time I wash my hair, and it makes my ends so much more moisturized, especially during the cold, dry months when my thick hair needs some extra TLC. If you straighten or blow dry your hair a lot, you definitely need a little product to make sure it doesn't dry out!

As I graduate high school and go to college this year (!!!), I'm excited to try out some new products that I hope to include in my daily regime. 
What are your top 3-4 beauty favorites of 2015?

P.S. I'm thinking about doing a morning routine post or video soon... comment below if you're interested!

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