Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

I know this post may be a biiiit premature, but every year it seems I'm so busy with school that the magical holiday season slips away without my realizing. In high school especially, final exams, projects and papers require so much time and energy that it's challenging to dedicate time to enjoying my favorite time of the year. Maybe it's the fact that this is my last year at home (how is that even possible, omg) and that I'm appreciating every second more than before, but I'm determined to make this Thanksgiving and Christmas the best yet! Below are some ways that will help you cherish this time of year a bit more.

+ Light a holiday candle on your desk
I'm obsessed with candles right now and this little balsam one is my personal favorite. Usually I'm not one for overbearing scents but this particular one is so amazing I can't recommend it enough!

+ Watch Christmas movies
This is one thing that truly gets me SO excited for the holiday season, but it's crucial to not being watching festive movies too early because you'll quickly get sick of them. Here is the ABC 25 Days of Christmas schedule - my friends and I are already planning movie marathons!

+ Write your friends holiday cards
Since I have a bunch of friends who are freshmen in college this year, I want to make some cute cards to send to them. There's nothing better than snail mail, amirite?

+ Volunteer at a soup kitchen
Sometimes taking an evening out of your busy schedule and giving back to your community is just what you need to keep yourself grounded. It's so easy to get caught up in your own stresses, but taking time to help others really makes you realize how lucky you really are. There's no better feeling than helping give food at a soup kitchen - at my school I'm bringing a few items for Thanksgiving baskets that we bring to families around the city. Even something this simple makes such a big difference in someone's life.

+ Listen to the holiday playlist on Pandora
Going along with the Christmas movies idea, listening to holiday music can get old really quickly, so listening to a little music here and there can get you feeling festive. I recommend searching for the Michael Buble station on Pandora - it's my favorite.

What are your favorite ways to get into the holiday spirit?
Share below!


  1. I love these tips! It's kind of hard for me to get into the holiday spirit with exams but these are perfect! I also love having Starbucks seasonal drinks, the perfect study "snack"!


  2. I love this post. It's never too early to get in the holiday spirit ;) It's my favorite time of the year! I'm so ready for christmas movies..

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