Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Fours

I am currently taking a break from hardcore studying for 2 big tests tomorrow, so don't mind the brevity of this post (I have some really exciting content coming up next week, so hopefully that will make up for it!). Happy Friday! 


PSA: I'm never going to stop raving about these booties because I am that obsessed with them. I've worn them so much already and can tell they are great quality (for only $33!!).

I've noticed that if my workspace or bedroom in general is cluttered or messy, I honestly cannot get anything done. Being the neat freak that I am, I focus so much better in a tidy space. So last night, I rearranged my desktop, cleaned it off with Windex and got to work - you wouldn't believe how much more I got done! A change of scenery is always nice too, so when I started studying for my second test, I relocated to our island in the kitchen to be able to spread out a little more. 

Is it bad that I want to wear this exact outfit again this weekend? Now that it has oddly warmed up (talk about a jump from 45 degrees in the Northern Woods to 75 at home), I can get away with not wearing a coat for a few more days, and this is the perfect outfit to don sans jacket. See all the details here!

What a lovely week it has been transitioning from the inspiring senior retreat back to a busy but productive school days. I am ready to crank out some work before a long weekend and can't wait to get some new things up next week! Any posts you're dying to see? Let me know in the comments :)

Have a great weekend! 
I'm seeing The Visit tonight... Has anyone seen it yet?!

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  1. your senior retreat looked so fun!! and i will definitely be taking your advice and relocating when i need to be productive - what a good idea.


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