Thursday, October 29, 2015

Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Can you believe Halloween is in a few days? It seems like just yesterday the temperatures were scorching hot and the trees were just beginning to change colors. It's sort of crazy how time goes by so quickly when you're cooped up at your desk doing homework and college applications for most of the week!

With Halloween on Saturday (!!!) I thought it would be fun to share a few costume ideas in case you are in need of a cute one but don't necessarily have the time to construct some crazy ensemble. I have a costume party on Saturday night and am going as a frat boy (are you surprised) because let's be real, I just want an excuse to wear my chino shorts one last time before snow begins to fall. Be on the look out for pictures next week! 

+ Strawberry 
Just find a red or pink dress, add a few giant seeds if you're feeling creative and make a green hat for the stem! My friend is going as a strawberry this year and might just wear a big green bow in her hair instead - either way this is an easy and unique costume no one else will have. 

+ Social media apps
The fellow blogger in me geeked when I saw this one but how funny would it be to get a group of friends to be your favorite social media apps?! Another easy one too - just print out the logo and tape it to a dress and you're good to go.

+ Ice cream sundae
Even though this one requires a bit more work, I love the idea of dressing up as a dessert for Halloween. See how to make the cute cherry hat right here. 

+ Blair Waldorf 
A tried and true favorite, throw on a plaid skirt, tuck in a white button down and throw on your brother's tie for the classic Gossip Girl look. My friends and I did this last year using our uniform skirts from middle school and it actually turned out really well!

+ Bank Robber
Grab your favorite black and white striped tee and black leggings for this hilarious bank robber costume. Add some black gloves, hat and a mask, and a money bag if you want to get really into it! 

What are you dressing up as? Comment below! (My friends need ideas haha)


  1. "(my friends need ideas)" couldn't be more accurate

  2. I love the robber idea! Definitely going to do something with stripes :) Great post!


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