Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to De-Stress During the Day

Lately I've been definitely feeling the pressures of senior year and it seems as though I am always go-go-going and barely have a second to slow down. With college applications, homework, recovering from the plague going around my school (seriously, everyone is home sick), tennis, blogging, a social life... Every day seems to go by so quickly, especially the weekends. On top of it, I haven't been getting as much sleep and exercise as I need and want to so I've been running on low steam. Sooo, I have made a list of things to incorporate into my daily routine to make sure I am taking the time to breathe and reflect (sounds cheesy, but I'm guessing other people are probably feeling the same way too :). Check out my tips to de-stress below!

+ Wake up 7 minutes earlier
As annoying as this sounds, waking up just a few minutes earlier gives you a lot more time than you would think, and really helps you feel more ready for the day. When I wake up and have to drag myself out of bed a few minutes later than I should be, I am a lot more stressed out than I need to be. It's amazing how much having just a few more minutes in the morning can really boost your mood!

+ Get at least 25 minutes of physical activity
Yesterday I was so tired during the middle of the day at school, something that has been happening a bit too frequently lately. I had tennis practice right after my last class and the sunlight and exercise immediately woke me up. It turns out that Elle Woods saying is true after all! Getting a little sunlight and blood flowing is essential to de-stressing, and if you can fit in a big workout you'll definitely thank yourself later.

+ Put together a playlist that makes you happy
If I'm feeling really overwhelmed and need to calm myself down a bit, listening to music I love always makes a difference. Happy, upbeat songs do the trick for me and are sometimes all I need to boost my mood.

+ Take a warm shower or bath
Whenever I need a break from homework, I take a shower or bath to get my mind off of things. I like to play music, zone out and the enjoy the warm water rather than stress out about everything I need to accomplish. Take just a few minutes to reflect on the day and you'll instantly feel better.

+ Turn off your phone
8 times out of 10 my phone is what is causing me to feel so distracted because I always go on it to avoid my tasks at hand (then again who doesn't :). As painful as it might be, turn off your phone and put it in another room for a few hours - the bright light and notifications over-stimulate your brain and usually will make you a lot more overwhelmed. I can't even tell you how much more focused and relaxed I am without checking my phone every few minutes!

I hope these tips help and that you are able to incorporate them into your everyday routine! What do you do during the day to de-stress? Please help this busy senior out! 


  1. I tend to read through inspiring quotes when I am stressed! It gives me such a motivation boost. Going for a walk is also so helpful, linking back to what you said about exercise being a great de-stresser. Good luck with your senior year! :)

    XOXO Paulina


  3. I promise i'm not a robot

  4. I love this! I'm currently a junior, which is way more stressful than I thought it would be so this post is so helpful!


  5. These are great tips! As a college senior, I can relate to feeling overwhelmed. A lot of times when I've got so many things to do, stealing a few extra minutes in the morning to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the start of the day really, really helps :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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