Thursday, August 6, 2015

July Favorites

I've always wanted to get into a habit of writing a monthly favorites series, but forget about it until the middle of every month (#oops). So this month after finally remembering before August actually started, I decided that I had a few items I've really been loving that would be perfect to share with you all - enjoy!

+ Tan gem sandals 
I originally bought these sandals for my trip to New York, but ended up wearing them a lot more than I would have ever thought! The gem accents add the perfect touch to dress up the shoe a bit, but the neutral tan hue makes it a classic for everyday wear. Not to mention, the price is incredible so I didn't feel guilty if I only wore them a few times this summer. (I can't find the sandals online, so check your local Target store to see if they have any left!).

+ Fiber One Cereal
After I spent a week with my friends in Northern Wisconsin, I quickly became a cereal addict. I've never been much for cereal in the mornings because I could never find one that was semi-healthy and tasted delicious. That was the case, however, until I discovered Fiber One. I hadn't noticed a lack of fiber in my diet until I started eating more of it, and I'm so glad I found a cereal that has 40% of your daily value! If you're in the market for a new cereal to try - I highly recommend this one :)

+ Washi Tape 
Surprisingly, I was kind of late to join the washi tape bandwagon (which is odd because usually I'm all about colorful accents to spice up your space). After buying 2 rolls, though, I've quickly become an enthusiast and have used the fun colors in different spots around my room. My favorite thing is to add a piece to the top of each picture on my photo collage on my wall. An easy touch, this adds a bit of color to an otherwise bland bulletin board and really makes a world of difference.

+ Anchor bracelet 
I got this nautical bracelet at the Smart Girl's Group Conference in July and I have worn it so often since. It's so perfect to pair with other bracelets or a watch and adds a dressier touch to a more basic outfit. I can already tell that it will be just the accessory to wear with my school uniform for my last year as a high schooler!

+ Tory Burch Perfume 
A tried and true favorite, I am currently on my third rollerball of Tory Burch's citrusy perfume and I couldn't love it more. People always ask what I'm wearing and I have never found a scent I as fresh and clementine-y as this one. And of course, $28 a bottle isn't too pricey for something you bring with you everyday.

+ Scalloped Bandeau 
A total impulse purchase, this is honestly my favorite bikini top I've ever bought. Super simple yet fun and classic, the scallop look of this top makes me wish I could wear it every single day. Plus, it matches with almost all of my swimsuit bottoms!

Let's get a conversation going below: What are 3 items you loved last month?
Can't wait to read your responses!


  1. I have that bikini top and love it! My 3 July favorites would probably be: Luna bars, Lilly Pulitzer Callahan shorts, and my Ray-ban Aviators!


  2. love this post and all these things girly! xo! happy friday!


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