Monday, July 27, 2015

"Unplugged" Recap

Phew! I'm finally back after what seems like a long (but very necessary) week in the Northern Woods of Wisconsin. A tradition that has been one of my favorite parts of summer for as long as I can remember, the trip to the lake did not disappoint. It was so amazing to be able to return to one of my favorite places with my two adventuring buddies and best friends since kindergarten. Every year we go up is fun, but this year was extra incredible for a few reasons. 

+ Catching up with your lifelong bffs
Even though we have remained great friends since we were 4 years old, it was so nice to be able to spend 7 days with two of my favorite people. With crazy schedules of busy high schoolers, regular hangouts aren't always possible (especially since I go to a different school than they do). Being able to chat and hysterically laugh for an entire week was ah-mazing. 

+ Turning off your phone
After accidentally going over the wifi limit for the cottage (I'll take the blame for that one... #oops) and dropping/ shattering my iPhone screen, the three of us were forced to keep our phones on airplane mode for a little more than 48 hours. What seemed like a rather daunting task ended up being incredibly refreshing and just what I needed after a busy summer of activity on social media. Oh, did I mention this meant no laptops either? Not going to lie, it was painful but so worth it. 

+ Realizing what is ahead of you
My whole life, I have been excited for college and what lies after high school. This year specifically has seemed so "I need an A in this class for my college application"or "ooh I should buy that, it could be cute for college". As tough as junior year was, it absolutely flew by because of this and left me a bit apprehensive about the whole college process. I've always been someone who looks ahead to the future, constantly planning for what's to come. And to be honest, I think it all hit us that college is right around the corner. It's a little scary to think that this was our second to last trip before college!

+ Enjoying the now
With this big college thing ahead of us, I really had to focus on living in the moment and enjoying the now. As cliche as it sounds, I think we could all really benefit from taking time to forget about what's ahead and really focusing on the present. On our last morning, for example, we woke up at 5 am to kayak across the lake to watch the sunrise. An opportunity I would usually pass up for sleep, I did went on a whim and loved every minute of it. I think I really became more outdoorsy on this trip too - who knew I would love hiking and kayaking so much?! 

Overall, this trip was a highlight of my summer for sure and made me so grateful to have stayed friends with two of my favorite people for so long. (S/O to you fam!)

Even though I so enjoyed going "unplugged", I am super excited to be back into blogging and can't wait for all the fun things coming up on citrus & style! Stay tuned :)

Have you ever gone unplugged before?


  1. Seems like such a fun trip! I am at my family's lake house in upstate NY and definitely relate to these!


  2. Wow that looks so beautiful!! The lakes in Phoenix are all desert-y so I love seeing lakes with actual trees!! Unplugging is my favorite thing in the whole wide world!! It truly is refreshing, glad you had a good time!!

    xoxo, Mal

  3. I think one of my goals for the last month of my summer vacation is to spend a weekend unplugged! We can get so caught up in instagramming or snapchatting the perfect pictures that we miss out on actually having the perfect moment so I think it's so important to actually be able to enjoy life :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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