Monday, July 13, 2015

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

As strange as it sounds, Instagram has really become a large part of my life. Being a teen blogger, I have to stay up to date on social media that is both blog related as well as personally with my friends and family. And honestly, I really have learned to love it and spend hours perfecting the pictures I post. Last night I asked you guys on Snapchat (add me "citrusandstyle"!) what posts you wanted to see and when a few people said one about editing Instagram pictures, I thought it might be fun to do today since I have been editing up a storm on my trip! 

What I do is pretty simple. Since my blog color scheme is pink, orange and white, I try to reflect that in my pictures as well. To do this, I try to pick photos that are a warmer color scheme, then brighten them up and add a little burst of contrast. 

Specifically, I use the app VSCO first to do the major editing like upping the exposure (usually 1-3 notches) then adding a bit of contrast (1 notch) and a little temperature (usually making it warmer by 1-3 notches). 

After that, I like to sometimes go on Snapseed and use selective adjust to brighten a specific object or occasionally a corner or two. This way it makes the entire image pop and appear more exciting and fun! 

And that's it! I'm not really a crazy editor or anything; I prefer my pictures to be pretty fresh and bright and not over-exposed. 

If you use any different editing apps or have other tips, please share below! I bet we would all benefit :)


  1. I love using VSCO cam for my blog, as well as my personal, instagram! "Afterlight" is a GREAT app as well!
    - Ruth S. |

  2. Love this!


  3. I absolutely love your insta, it's so bright & fresh!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  4. Lovely post!! I'm trying to make a better insta feed and it was so helpful!

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