Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Fours

Happy Friday! I've had a busy but fun week in preparation for senior year and the upcoming tennis season, but I'm so happy to be back in the swing of things as far as blogging and working out goes. 

The most precious products from the paper store I work at - I seriously need that Kate Spade journal!

Oh how I wish I could go back to the Hamptons... I think a trip in the fall would be so much fun - imagine how gorgeous the trees would be!

As per usual, I have been living in my summery pjs. I love how they have a classic long sleeve top and then boxer shorts - perfect for summer. Find them right here!

This is the third summer with my pair of Jack Rogers and I'm thinking about snagging another pair before fall comes. Any recommendations?!

Happy Weekend!
Fran and I will be doing a collaboration post/ video soon - follow us on Twitter (@citrusandstyle // @blondeprepblog) to send us what you want to see! Or comment down below :)


  1. I have had three pairs of Jack Rogers. I've been wearing them since the 7th grade! I would love to try the Lauren style to change it up!

  2. Aww fun! Love these photos. And seriously girl, I'll come with you on your fall hamptons trip because I've been dying to see fall foliage for YEARS! (#floridaproblems)


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